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Kalina Kamenova, PhD - Founder and Research Director
Kalina Kamenova

Advancing engaged scholarship, interdisciplinary research, ethics and policy analysis, and inclusive public dialogue on opportunities and challenges associated with the emerging genomic, stem cell and assisted reproductive technologies.

Ethics to Hype: How Media Frames Regenerative Medicine

How is the promise of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine represented in the news media? What topics and key issues are covered? Do print media present realistic timelines for breakthroughs and new cures? Click on the picture below to read a summary of our analysis of the media framing of translational stem cell research in major newspapers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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Kalina Kamenova, Why Ethical Qualms over Human Embryonic Stem Cells Are No Longer Relevant: An Analysis of the Evolving Public Discourse and Regulatory Context for Stem Cell Research in Canada, in Susanne Müller, Henning Rosenau (Ed.), Stammzellen - iPS-Zellen - Genomeditierung. Stem Cells - iPS Cells - Genome Editing (pp. 109 -124), Nomos, Series :Schriften zum Bio-, Gesundheits- und Medizinrecht, vol. 34, July 2018.



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